Unnatural consequence because of technologies

A few days ago, I wrote about fitness.  A couple of days ago, I wrote about seasonal food.  Today, this “news” article connected those issues.

Sleeping too little promotes wight gain

Why did I quote “news”?  Because it doesn’t sound like new to me; I knew it from my experience.  The busier I am, the easier I gain weight.

According to the article, if you stay up,  you tend to snack late at night, which eventually promote weight gain.  A couple of days ago, I wrote that humans ate what were available at the time when they coexisted with the nature.  At that time, people probably did not stay up simply because they did not have enough lighting.  I am neither biologist nor anthropologist, but I suppose that humans have evolved in such situations; our body is not prepared to eat at night.  But thanks to technologies, now people can stay up as they like and eat whatever available whenever they want.  This is unnatural.

When engineers and designers developed those technologies some generations ago, they probably hoped to improve the quality of life.  It is not hard to imagine that they did not expect that the speed of technology advancement would exceed the speed of human evolution, which would result in unnatural consequence.  Now, which should we do, go back to the natural life style, or develop more technologies to compensate for the unnatural consequences?

By the way, when I stay up and cannot resit snacking, I eat fruits.  In the following morning, my skin looks even better.

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