Seasonal food, scenery and food

I don’t miss Japan a lot, but miss Japanese food.  (Don’t tell me to go to a sushi bar.  It’s like telling Mexicans to go to Taco Bell or telling Italians to go to Domino’s Pizza.)

When humans (truly) coexisted with the nature, they ate what were available at the time, and developed preserved food e.g., sun dried, smoked, salted and so on.  Today, fortunately or unfortunately, many foods are available throughout the year.  But, in Japan, people still appreciate seasonal food.  Like in many other countries, preserved food are made, not to preserve the food, but to add flavor.  They are embedded in the culture regardless of technology.  I miss Japanese seasonal food and conversation about seasonal food.

Today I walked to downtown, and saw trees in various colours: yellow, orange, red, yellowish green, and evergreen.  Interestingly, those colours reminded me of Japanese seasonal food.  Wherever I live, those seasonal food seem to be remembered with the scenery.

What are Canada’s seasonal food?  This may be a tough question because the ancestors of most Canadians came from other countries.  I suppose First Nations have their seasonal food, but unfortunately, I don’t have chances to see their culture in my daily life.

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