How to avoid getting discouraged

Now I’m doing a job called job hunting.  I spend a long time on job search, send tons of email, and get almost no reply.  How discouraging is it?  In such a depressing situation, I was lucky today though I did not get any good news; two small events encouraged me.

I went to a bank, and had a little time to chat with a bank clerk.  I told her that I’m now looking for a job and it is hard to get one.  She doesn’t know me, doesn’t know what I have done, and doesn’t know what job I’m looking for.  But she said “I’m sure you will find a good job”.  Probably she says that to anyone in the same situation.  But even such an ordinary conversation encourages me now.

In the afternoon, I went to school to teach sketching.  It was only one hour, but some students showed improvement.  I don’t remember how many times I heard “thanks Hiro”.  Can you imagine how encouraging it is?  It does not do anything for my job hunting except for adding one line to my resume.  But knowing that I contribute something encourages me while no employers need me so far.

I won’t have any special event tomorrow.  I wonder how I will manage to avoid getting discouraged.

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