Being a rolling stone is tough

Since I graduated from my university, I have lived in four countries, done two full-time jobs, one long-term volunteer job, three contract-like jobs, one freelance job, and some occasional part-time jobs.  Now I have two master’s degrees.  Many people are impressed, and enjoy listening to my story.  But being a rolling stone is tough.

Today I visited a recruiting agency to talk about the contract Japanese translator/interpreter job.  The agent seemed to be impressed by my experiences, and found I am one of few people who have enough skills, experiences, and capability to do this job.  I have not made any decision yet; I still need to have an interview with the employer.  But, apparently, being a rolling stone helps me to get some types of jobs.  However, the point is, this is not the profession that I want to pursue.

I’m just wondering; when will my rolling stone story lead me to a dream job?  For now, let’s assume it lets me learn many things that other people have never imagined; otherwise it’s tough to avoid getting discouraged.

October 10, 2012Permalink