Reality that used to be a dream

Today I missed a phone call from a recruiting agency when I was on a bus.  I forgot to set up voice mail (I forgot that I had forgotten to set it up), so she sent email to me.  I got her email on my blackberry, and it said “please send your resume in Word format immediately”.  What?  Immediately?  I’m away from home!  Luckily, I had saved my resume on my online storage JUST IN CASE.  I accessed the Word file from my blackberry and send it to her.  I wonder what would have happened if I did not have a smartphone or had not saved my resume on the online storage.

One of my favorite songs in the 80s goes “car telephone, spaceship, so many things around you. Do you notice the reality that used to be a dream?”  At that time, people did not use cell phones, and private phone away from home was car telephone!  Who dreamed about today’s technology then?

October 11, 2012Permalink