Let’s see how a looser will fail

Recently I sent a message to some people to ask advice for my career path.  I met them in Calgary, and it’s been four years since I left there, but they are still my mentors.  They gave me some pieces of advice, and now it’s my turn.  What should I start with?

Some of them told me like “to do this, you need to do that”.  Now an optimistic side of me tells me “OK, I am a positive thinker.  I can do this if I do that”.  Then a realistic side of me tells me “no, you are not a positive thinker but only an optimist.  You cannot do this because you have to do that”.  Now a desperate side of me tells “OK, let’s do it and see how I fail”.

Today the recruiting agency sent me a contract form.  I just need to sign it and send it back, then I will be a contract Japanese interpreter from next month.  How close is it to my goal?  If the goal is Calgary and I start from Hamilton, I will be in Montreal next month.  Am I a looser?  Apparently, yes.

Now, what should a looser do?  Use any opportunity.  If there is no opportunity, make opportunities.  It’s up to me.

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