A sense of home

When I woke up this morning, it was raining.  I turned on the TV, and the news said it was snowing in Calgary.  I miss it, seriously.  I prefer snow to rain.

When I cook in the kitchen, I often turn on the TV but don’t pay attention unless it says something interesting.  One day, TV news said “…suspects moved from Nova Scotia to Ontario by vehicle…”  I was not paying attention, and thought “how the hell can it happen?”  While I was not paying attention, “Ontario” sounded like “home”; it has been one year since I moved to Hamilton.  But, what I unconsciously imagine is “home” is located on the east side of the Rocky mountains.  I mistakenly thought “how the hell can they move from Nova Scotia to Alberta in one day by vehicle?”  Although it’s been four years since I left Calgary, similar things often happen in the same situation.  When TV news say “Blue Jays”, I unconsciously imagine players in red uniform bearing a big “C”.

I am planning to apply for Ontario Provincial Nominee Program to apply for permanent resident, which means I intend to live and work in Ontario.  This seems the most feasible option to stay in Canada for me.  Ontario will be my home for the near future.

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