A new reason to stay fit

I do light exercise every morning before breakfast, and have big breakfast (to make my housemates say “wow, that’s a big breakfast”).  I have small dinner with lots of vegetables.  This is how I stay in fit.  Most (almost all) people assume I am naturally slim, but in fact, I gain weight quite easily.  Some people have told me “you don’t do anything but you are always slim. I envy you!”  Do they monitor me 24-7?  What makes them think I don’t do anything???  They should not envy “me”, but should envy the will to keep striving to stay fit.  Many people called me skinny, but they don’t know how much muscle I have between the skin and bones.

I bought a new suit recently, the slimmest suit I’ve ever had.

Hiro in slim suit

I will soon start working, and am wondering if I will have enough time to do exercise before breakfast everyday.  If not, I’ll have to find other ways to maintain my fitness; otherwise I will waste this slimmest-ever suit.  This is a new good reason to stay fit.

October 21, 2012Permalink