Having enough skills is not eough

Having skills and experiences is one thing.  Getting hired is another thing.  This article introduces tactics that I did not imagine.

The New Science of Resumes – And Why Yours Sinks to the Bottom of the Pile

Is this fair?  Answer: it does not matter.

For your information, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, i.e., how searchable your web site is when relative keywords are entered in a search engine such as Google.  For your reference, if you google “hiro shibata”, you will probably find my portfolio web site on the top.  If you google “hiroyuki shibata”, you will probably find my LinkedIn profile on the top.  Google your name and see what happens if you are interested.

I am looking for a product design job, and I know I have an obvious disadvantage; I do not have mechanical engineering background.  This must be surprising for those who met me in the industrial design program.  In the program, I was known as an engineering guy who can design, and many people assumed I was a mechanical engineer because I can design mechanical components.  But in fact, my background is electric engineering.  Does it matter?  To call myself product designer, it does not matter.  But to get a product design job, it does matter a lot.  I cannot be found as a qualified candidate.  By the way, in the engineering design program, I found not all mechanical engineers are capable of designing mechanical components.  They can calculate, period.  But they are probably searchable as product designers.

Getting a job seems more tactical matter than doing a job.

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