Going a long way around…?

Tomorrow, I will visit a recruiting agency to talk about a Japanese translator/interpreter job.  This is not a type of profession that I want to pursue in Canada.  But I’ve found it is not easy to get a product design job in Canada with my background…  In Japan, I have an advantage; I can speak English, and it is easier to get an English-related job.  In Canada, I have a different advantage; I can speak Japanese, and it is easier to get a Japanese-related job.  I’ll talk about a 5-month contract job, and hope it will give me extra time to explore design job opportunities.

When I graduated from U of C, international students had only three months to look for a job after graduation, and had to get a job in the area of study, i.e. industrial design job in my case.  That’s why I had to go back to Japan…  Now the regulation has changed, and we have one year to look for a job in any field.  Let’s use this advantage.

Let’s assume going a long way around will eventually lead me to a dream career path.

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