What cures your cold?

I often catch a cold when the seasons suddenly change, just like last few days. ¬†In fact, I caught a cold….. ūüôĀ

I have met many doctors. ¬†Some of them are good, and some others are cold. ¬†I still remember a good doctor I met many years ago. ¬†I got sick, but did not know it was cold or flu. ¬†It was not severe, but I went to a hospital just in case because some old people died because of flue in that season. ¬†After the doctor prescribed medicine, I asked him “is this the flue that killed the elder people?” ¬†He answered like this.

“No, according to the symptoms, I can tell this is a common cold. ¬†Whether this is a common cold or the flu, what doctors can do is to prescribe medicine to mitigate the symptoms. ¬†But medicine does not cure cold or flu. ¬†Patients have¬†nutritious¬†diet and have a rest to cure themselves with their natural healing ability. ¬†Doctors only help.”

This was a new idea for me; I admit that I had assumed medicine cures.  Typical TV commercials of medicine tell that you can go back to your normal life and keep working by taking medicine.  But what patients need to do by taking medicine is to have a rest to let their natural healing ability work.

Aren’t we missing something in today’s life style?

November 3, 2012Permalink