Happy Birthday, BoA!

I know my voice does not reach her, but cannot help saying this.

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear BoA!

BoA is a Korean singer, and speaks and sings in KoreanJapanese, and English.  If I understand correctly, she is the most beautiful girl in the human history.  Correct me if I’m wrong :p

She tells me a lot, but let me pick up a couple for now.

First, if you want to tell something, language doesn’t really matter.  I have all seven Korean original albums of hers.  Do I understand Korean?  No, I only know some basic expressions.  But it’s pretty enough to feel it.  Her Korean singing is more touching for me than any other Japanese singers.  How touching?  Like this.  Or like this.  Her singing even makes me cry in some situations.  Probably many singers use techniques to sing beautifully.  But I want to believe BoA touches me deeply because she sings from her heart.  Suppose I am correct, what can designers learn from her?  We need techniques, of course.  But we need something before choosing and using techniques.

Second, she has served as a bridge between Korea and Japan.  Now K-pop (Korean pop) dominates in Japan, but as far as I remember, BoA is the first Korean singer who became popular in Japan.  Japan had learned a lot from Korea in ancient times.  But in modern times, there have been conflicts between the two countries.  She must have known it, and chose to come to Japan.  Some Japanese, including myself, came to be interested in Korean culture because of her.  Now the conflicts between the two countries are even more critical than before.  I hope they will re-evaluate what people like BoA have establishes and reach a peaceful solution.

She is my No. 1 and Only One.

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