Surrender!? I bought a car!

I have tried to live in an eco-friendly way, but finally, my ego won.  I bought a car!

It was a tough decision.  Money is, of course, the biggest issue.  And I seriously thought of environmental impact; no matter how fuel efficient it is, it inevitably has a negative environmental impact.  But, the life style here finally convinced me to surrender.

On the way to the car dealer, I was so anxious.  “Is this really a good decision?  Can I really afford it?”  But when the cheerful sales representative, who I had frequently talked with in last week, enthusiastically explained the paper work and the features of the vehicle and gave me the key, I was simply happy.  “I am the owner!”

But owning a car should be like driving a car; I should always retain a beginner’s mind. By the way, my first drive from the car dealer to home via Canadian Tire was in the snow.

November 28, 2012Permalink