Status Update

I applied for Post Graduate Work Permit program after finishing the master’s program in September, and today I got a work permit.  I can stay in Canada for three more years to do any job with some exceptions.  Now I have a few options to apply for permanent resident, and my current plan is to apply for Ontario Provincial Nominee program.

Many people wonder why I got a second master’s degree, and this is why.  As I mentioned before, when I graduated from University of Calgary, international students only had three months to look for a job after finishing a program, and had to get a job in the field of study in order to get a post graduate work permit.  That’s why I had to go back to Japan.  Now Immigration Canada is way more generous than before, and I’m trying to use this opportunity.  Of course it is still too early to be relieved.  This is only one of the first steps to settle down in Canada.

Here are some FSAQ (Frequently Self Asked Questions)

“If I chose that option then, what would I have done by now?”
“Am I really on the right track?  It doesn’t look like so.”
“Why did I choose this?  Why am I doing this now?  Will this lead me to the place I want to go?”
“Where do I really want to go?”

As I mentioned, I revised my personal mission statement recently; when I am lost, I need something that shows me a way to go.  I know it still needs to be refined, and hope that keep refining it will eventually lead me to a place where I settle down.

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