Encouraging people encourages…

Patch Adams is one of my most favorite movies.  When Adams is a psychiatric patient, he finds that healing people heals himself.  After being discharged from the psychiatric hospital, he becomes a medical student and heals patients with humor.  This movie is based on a real story.

It is always good to see a thing from different perspectives.  As I often mention, I am half designer, half engineer.  I can see a product from different perspectives.  As I wrote in a previous post, I like teaching, but I was a bad student when I was in Japan.  I can see students from a teacher’s perspective and from a bad student’s perspective.  But the most difficult thing to see from different perspectives is myself.

As I often write, it is so easy to get discouraged in my current situation.  When I see my friend who is discouraged, for whatever reason, I project myself into her/him.  This is the moment when I see myself from a different perspective.  I tell my friend what I want to be told, and find that encouraging my friends encourages myself.

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