Talking with people

One of the things I learned in the Engineering Design program at McMaster is talking to people; when I worked on my engineering design project, I frequently talked with my “clients”.  It was a good experience.  Now I imagine/daydream how I would work as a freelance designer.  Definitely I will need to talk with my clients a lot.  Why only imagine?  Because it is safe to have stable income to be eligible for Provincial Nominee program.  While I’m a temporary worker, I take a safe way.

Today I talked with a classmate in McMaster.  I wanted to meet him before leaving Hamilton.  One of the good things of the program is that there is a diversity of students with different background, just like EVDS.  One of the items on my to-do list of my career plan phase 1 is to talk to people who run a small business, entrepreneurs, and local artists.  He is the first one.  It is always good to talk with people who have something in common and have a different perspective.

I will start the contract job in Orillia next week, and my main duty will be to talk with people i.e. interpretation.  This is very different from what I did in my engineering design project, but I expect I will lean something in a different way.

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