Where should I go in April?

I will start the contract job in a couple of weeks, and it will be by the end of March. From April, I will start (or look for) a new job.  Now, I am daydreaming; if I start a business from April, where should I go?  Since I am planning to apply for Ontario Provincial Nominee Program, options will be limited to the cities in Ontario.  I briefly googled “The best places to live in Canada” and “the best places to start a business in Canada”.

According to MoneySense, the top 6 Ontario cities to live are;
1. Ottawa
2. Burlington
3. Kingston
13. Newmarket (followed by Calgary, AB, No. 14)
16. Whitby
17. Oakville

According to Canada Business, the top 6 Ontario cities to do business are;
9. Kitchener
7. Hamilton (Surprise!)
10. Barrie
12. Vaughan
13. Sudbury
15. Ottawa

Ottawa is barely ranked in top 6 Ontario cities for both (15th best city to do business, though), but others do not overlap.  By the way, Toronto is the 47th best city to live and the 33rd best city to do business.  Work/life balance is probably one of the most frequently used terms today when talking about business.  According to the ranking, it seems not easy to balance between life and work.

According to this article, 8 Signs You’ve Found Your Life’s Work, there are signs of your life’s work.  Perhaps, if you are doing a good business and maintain your work/life balance, it may be your best place to live.

I know I am dreaming now, but someday, I want to find my life’s work.  If you want to realize something, you need to dream it first, right?

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