Morning ritual

Having coffee and reading a book before going to the office had been my morning ritual when I worked in Japan.  One of the reasons is to leave a safety margin.  Another reason is that a day starting with work and ending with work sucks; I want to start a day with something meaningful event though it is only a little more than a few minutes.  Now I have worked for one week in Canada, and this is my morning ritual again.

Now I read Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Peter Drucker, dreaming that I will make it happen in the future.  The current job is not creative at all, and it is quite difficult to avoid getting discouraged without dreaming.

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2 thoughts on “Morning ritual

  1. I like the idea of starting the day off with coffee + book. I want to incorporate this into my morning routine. How’s the book? I will be looking for another book to read after I finish Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell (looks at case studies of people who made it to the highest level in their industry and factors that contributed to their success).

  2. Hi Eric. I highly recommend the morning ritual, if you can be an early bird. Now I really enjoy reading Innovation and Entrepreneurship. It was written many years ago, but everything Drucker tells is still so true. You can probably enjoy it as a practical textbook and/or as an encouraging story. I will include Outliers to my wish list.

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