Honesty in the Business World

No, no, I’m not talking about humanity in war or non-biased Japanese in Hollywood movies. I’m talking about honesty in business.

I’m looking for a job now. Many people told me to use a recruiting agency, and I have sent email to many of them, but have got no reply. I had a chance, in a job fair, to talk to a recruiter from an recruiting agency who was looking for new recruiters. I told her what was happening to me, and she told me to contact them actively; give a call rather than sending email. But, reality is, many agencies only accept email. Today I visited a web site of a recruiting company which says “directly contact us”. It says that job seeking process with them begins with an initial meeting face to face. I was impressed, and gave a phone call. However ever, the agent reluctantly told me to brows the job postings and apply online. What the hell do you mean? I just followed the instructions! They might think that mentioning “face to face meeting” would make a good impression, but a lie instantly destroys trust.

Why do people tell lies? Why do they think short-term benefits are more important than long-term trust?

As I often wrote in previous posts, someday I want to start my own business, though I don’t know when it will happen. If it happens, can I retain my honesty to survive in the business world? I hope I will. I hope that honesty will distinguish me from others. Some people retain humanity in war. There should be people who retain honesty in business.

By the way, what did not kill me might make me a little bit stronger. After telling me to apply online, she saw my online profile and said “there is no job for you”. How cruel are they? I was so depressed. But, after a while, I applied for another job “online”. I’ll keep looking for a job anyways.

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