Job Fair. It’s fair.

Today McMaster University, partnered with Mohowk College, offered a job fair for students and alumni.  Since the current contract job will end at the end of this month, I took a day off to join the job fair.

As I wrote in early posts, I sent my resume to many companies and recruit agencies, and all of them except for the one who offered the current contract job did not reply.  I had no way to know why they did not reply, and got discouraged.  But job fair is fair; everyone can talk to recruiters and see how they react.  I talked to many people.  Some of them politely explained what they do, listened to me and gave me some positive words, while some others automatically received my resume.  I could tell whether I can be a candidate to be considered or I am not qualified and do not interest them.  This is one of the good things about job fair.

Another benefit of job fair for me is that I can measure my verbal communication skill. If I saw the recruiter’s reaction, I could tell how good or bad my communication skill is. It was like preparing for job interviews.

How did it go?  I had some positive impression of a few companies, but for now I dare not to talk about it because I do not want to be disappointed.  I will write about it if I have got any good news from them.  I hope it will happen.

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