Good to hear bad news

I have got email from two companies telling that I am not a good fit. One yesterday, and another one today. That’s obviously bad news, but it’s good to know that I have been considered to be a candidate.

According to the discouraging internet article that I mentioned in a previous post, the chance of your cover letter to be read is 17%. Approximately once in six times. Many companies do not require a cover letter today, and I have only sent five cover letters so far (and applied for many more jobs without cover letter). At least one of those two companies seems to have read my cover letter; they appreciated my enthusiasm that cannot be found on my resume. The other one might as well. Isn’t it good to know two out of five have been read?

I even don’t know I am positive or negative, encouraged or discouraged, but I’ll just keep looking for a job anyways. Maybe it’s time to look for a part-time job to make money while doing a full-time job called job hunting.

April 18, 2013Permalink