What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. Really?

I am not strong.
As I wrote in a previous post, I was fired and this is the second time to look for a job after graduating from McMaster University. I created this blog when I was looking for a job last time. If you read early posts, you see how discouraged I was then. I applied for many jobs, but all of them except for one responded. I was really depressed, but it did not kill me. Did it make me stronger? No, I’m depressed again.
I am even desperate; whether I am happy or depressed, what I can do now is to keep looking for a job and apply for any job I can do. Oh well.

Recently I found this internet article, This Is Why Your Resume Was Rejected. This is very, very, very discouraging. But this is the reality. One good thing to know is that I am not alone.

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