Normal life

In last couple of years, I have thought of one line for facebook post, “finally, I live normally”. But there seems a long way before posting it.

In last couple of decades, I always do two things simultaneously; doing a full-time job or equivalent like being a full-time student, and preparing for the next step. What I mean by “living normally” is to do one full-time job and spend spare time on hobbies without worrying about next step. Some people, especially Japanese, assume that I like to be a rolling stone and spend an exciting life. This is not true. I want to spend an ordinary but meaningful life. It does not have to be exciting as long as it is meaningful.

In last few weeks, job hunting has been my full-time job, and I did not do anything else. It is dead necessary, but boring. Let’s think in this way; do as I have done in last two decades, which is to do a full-time job and prepare for next steps. Now job hunting, more precisely, finding a full-time job, is my full-time job. So, do something else for next step beyond that. I’m looking for a new career path as a designer, and I will most probably start a job at a junior level. Let’s prepare for the next step. This, in turn, helps the current job hunting.

When I talk about my future with my Japanese friends, I often say “I want to die like Raoh”. Raoh is a famous character of a Japanese comic called 北斗の拳 (Fist of the North Star). When he dies, he screams “我が生涯に一片の悔い無し (no single piece of regret in my life)”.

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