Hungry Spirit, continued

Yesterday I wrote about Asian supermarket and hungry spirit.  Today, I went to a Japanese shopping mall in Toronto.  I didn’t know there is such a place in Canada. Interestingly, a Taiwanese Canadian friend of mine let me know it.  I was impressed.  If someone was watching me, it must have been weird; I talked to myself, shook my head and said “no, no, not now, not yet”.  Why?  For me, real Japanese food should be reward for achievement, except for some limited usage and for special occasions.  Limited usage includes seasonings, soup stock and such.  Special occasions include showing real Japanese food to my Canadian friends and Japanese-related events like New Year’s Day.  Achievement?  It varies, from completing a school project, finishing a school term, and… OK, this is the point.  The achievement I am expecting myself is to get a design job in Canada.  It includes becoming a successful freelance designer.  This is why I told myself “no, not yet”.

Someday, I will have real Japanese food as much as I want.


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2 thoughts on “Hungry Spirit, continued

  1. Hiro, Happy New Year! I want to be there to celebrate when you get your design job. Looking forward to real Japanese food.

  2. Thanks Eric. I will invite you when I have real Japanese food as much as I want. For now, I only have limited ones, like the one in the next post. Happy New Year!

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