Hungry Spirit

Tokyo Olympic was held in 1964.  Japanese athletes won many medals, and it was not solely because it was a home game.  Japan was defeated in WWII in 1945, and lost everything.  Then they (let me use “they” instead of “we” because I was not born yet) gradually recovered, and in 1956, Japan declared “it is no longer a post-war period”. And then Japan experienced the rapid economic growth.  Still, Japanese athletes had hungry spirit.

Recently I went to an Asian supermarket in downtown Toronto.  I used to go to the same supermarket in Calgary when I was a U of C student, but something was very different. When I was a student in Calgary, I did not have stable income and buying imported Japanese food was “luxurious shopping”.  By doing it, I encouraged myself to work (“study” for students is “work”) harder.  But now, what is it like to go shopping at an Asian supermarket?  What am I hungry for?

As I wrote in a previous post, I am often too busy to think of my future although I will have to look for a new job after April.  Recently I had a good opportunity to talk with friends who are looking for a job, in a way, like me.  It was good to share thoughts and to see someone like me from a different perspective.  I should remember hungry spirit, like myself in Calgary, or like the Japanese athletes in Tokyo Olympic.

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