Meeting a Japanese Designer in Canada

Yesterday I met a Japanese industrial designer who works for a design firm in Toronto. I got to know her in LinkedIn; she is a friend of friend of mine.  It’s good to talk with people who work in the professional design world.  She talked about her job, and it was different from what I imagined in some ways.  It gave me a hint for my future career path.  I have a lot to talk, but let me pick up a couple.

It’s good to talk with people who have something in common.  She now works for a design firm, but not sure if she will keep working for the company or not for some reasons.  She is still looking for her career path, in a way, like me, though she is ahead of me.  There are two types of people; those who talk about their goal and those who take action on their goal.  I’m encouraged when I see people who strive to reach their goal.

This is the first time when LinkedIn worked for me.  I visited some design company’s pages, and when I visited the design firm’s page, I found she was in my 2nd connection through a former classmate of the Industrial Design program at U of C.  I know that meeting her does not directly get me hired by a design firm, but it’s good to make connections in the design world, and this is one of the functions of LinkedIn.

To be honest, I’m often too busy to think of my future career in these days.  Meeting designers makes me keep running for the dream job.

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