Let things happen

As I wrote in a previous post, I wish I could predict my future, but it never happens.

Yesterday I got two job-related phone calls: one was planned and the other one was unexpected. Last week I got email from a company about a job that I applied for a few weeks ago, and we scheduled a short telephone interview. It went well (I suppose) and according to the HR, they would have telephone interviews with several other candidates and would contact those who would have an interview. What I can do now is to wait, hoping I will pass. After the telephone interview, I looked for other job opportunities, and applied for a part-time teaching job. Surprisingly, they gave me a call a couple of hours later to ask me a few simple questions. According to her, they would send email to me “soon” to arrange an interview. What I can do now is to wait, hoping they will actually arrange an interview.

Today I got reply to my job application for a freelance translation job. According to her, they would send documents to me to clarify some details. Getting freelance jobs is easier than getting a full-time job (I mean “easier”, not “easy”), and I often get reply to my application. But some of them disappear in the middle of negotiation. What I can do now is to wait, hoping they won’t disappear.

While I actively look for jobs, I often have to wait for something passively. For now, I just let things happen.

By the way, today I went to a job fair in downtown Toronto, and was so disappointed. Unlike the one I wrote about in an old post, it was actually a “recruiting agency fair”; there ware supposed to be “employment pavilion” where organizations look for new employees and “career service pavilion” where job seekers find career services, but both pavilions ware filled with a bunch of recruiting agencies and some schools who provide job training but do not guarantee employment. As I wrote in another old post, some recruiting agencies are dishonest, and I do not trust them. Last week I found an organization that looked different from typical recruiting agency. I registered online, and instantly got reply saying “one of our agents will contact you within two business days”. I was impressed, but it’s been one week and nothing has happened. How can I trust them?

Anyways, I just let things happen for now.

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