There is a difference between telling a lie and hiding a truth, but the difference is very small.

In general, life is tough. When something sounds too good to be true, it is usually not true. After having been a full-time job seeker for nearly a couple of months, I’m now a part-time job seeker; I do a freelance job to do at home, but it is not enough to live decently, and I keep looking for a better job(s). I have registered for a few web services for freelancers to find jobs (or from a different perspective which it is primarily for, they are for clients to find freelancers), including the one where I “practice” graphic design as I wrote in a previous post. Once in a while, I get invitation from a client to suggest me applying for a job they posted, but in most cases they send invitation to many qualified freelancers and I still have to compete with other invited freelancers. Last week, I got an invitation to a CAD coaching job. I am good at CAD modeling, and as I wrote in an old post, I like teaching. I said “wow”.

The invitation was very simple, like saying “if you have expertise in CAD modeling and you like teaching, this job is for you”. Can getting a job be that easy? I replied and asked more information. Their reply said like “visit our web site where you find more information and application from”. But the “information” on their web site, which is actually a youtube video which repeatedly says “earn money!”, is not very detailed and in the “application from” you only need to enter your contact information and “a message”, unlike typical job application where you need to enter work experience, education, skills and many other pieces of information.┬áCan getting a job be that easy? I assumed they would give me a link to another web page or something to enter more information about me, and thought how to show my capability, but what they sent me instantly was an agreement form.┬áCan getting a job be that easy? No. I read the agreement form and found it abnormally difficult to understand. After reading it three times, what I found is… if someone downloads a trial version of their CAD software, I will provide them with technical support AS MUCH AS THEY WANT during the trial period. And if they purchase the product after the trial period expires, the company gives me a certain amount of money no matter how much time I spent on the technical support. If not, they don’t. Is this a good deal for me? No, I don’t think so. Did they tell me a lie? No, they didn’t. Are they honest? No, I don’t think so. If they are honest, they don’t have to repeatedly tell “earn money!”, and they don’t have to make their agreement from abnormally difficult to understand. Are they smart? No, I don’t think so, but I think they are, or at least they try to be, cunning.

Anyways, life is not easy. I’ll keep looking for a better job.

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