Practice makes perfect?

I’ve been a full-time job seeker for a few weeks. It sucks. Really. One of a few “part-time” things I do now is to submit graphic designs on a web service; clients post a design brief, and choose one winning design from tens or 100+ designs submitted by freelance designers. From designer’s viewpoint, it’s a series of design competitions. It’s literally competitive; only one winner, out of tens or 100+ designers, earns money. I cannot easily expect to make money on this web service, and I cannot call myself “freelance graphic designer” until I win. From a different perspective, this is a good way to practice graphic design; you can submit as many designs as you want for free.¬†You can find examples of my graphic design on my profile page.

Practice makes perfect. I found an inspiring internet article, “Want to conquer a new skill? Do it every day“. New skill? Yes. I have not learned graphic design. In a nutshell, quantity is more important than quality because it eventually improves quality. If you want to learn something new, do it everyday. The article introduces an impressive YouTube video to show an example, “Girl learns to dance in a year“. This is what I need now. I mean, practicing design everyday.

By the way, dance is one of other things that I want to learn. This will be one of next steps after getting a full-time job.

August 6, 2013Permalink