Good bye, Orillia

I always wish I could predict my future, which never happens.

When I was doing the previous temporary job, I thought/hoped/wished I would find a next job soon. Since I did not know where it would be, I thought it would be safer to stay in Orillia while looking for a job and then move to a new place after getting a job. It’s been two months, and now I’m doing a freelance job to do at home. If I knew this would happen, I would have moved right after ending the previous job. Tomorrow I will move to Etobicoke, hoping life will be better in some way.

To be honest, I did not enjoy living in Orillia. I should say that it is not because of the place. As you see below, It’s a lovely place. It is because of the job. I know life should not be controlled by job. But… anyways. It’s a long story.

I hope that life will be better eventually, and that someday I will visit Orillia for vacation and enjoy it.


September 13, 2013Permalink