Doesn’t matter when. It’s always a good time then.

On Thursday, my Canadian colleague invited our Japanese coworkers to his place to serve venison.  As I anticipated and wrote in a previous post, those Japanese engineers stay at a hotel and do not hang out.  Technically, it does not matter because they came to Canada on business.  But they are missing something.  The Canadian colleague knew it, and invited them to his place.  When we were waiting for the meal, his neighbors joined us, and it turned out to be a big party.  Those Japanese were surprised at and impressed by Canada’s small-town hospitality.  Even in the party, I served as a translator, and this is what I expected; bridging the gap between Japanese culture and Canadian culture.  I wished it was a Friday night, but it doesn’t matter when. It’s always a good time then.

On Friday, I brought the Japanese coworkers to Montana’s to let them experience Canadian dinner out.  Unlike having a meal at food court, ordering dinner at a restaurant is a difficult task for those who can speak very limited English.  For this time, they were surprised at and impressed by the volume of typical Canadian dinner.  I was the only one who ate up all the meal.  Am I becoming Canadian???

Today?  I just slept a lot.  My body seemed to need some time to digest everything I had in last two days :p

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