Different perspectives

I went to Niagara Falls on day 1 of this long weekend. It was my fourth time to visit there: twice in winter, and twice in summer. Whenever I visit there, I feel the same, and find something new.

Niagara Falls, different perspectives

For different reasons, I have never had enough time to stay there as much as I want. For the first and second times, I used bus and my schedule depended on the bus schedule. For the third and this time, I drove and was free from bus schedule, but rushed by someone else. Last time, I was rushed by a workaholic as I wrote in a previous post. This time, I was rushed by a person who visited Niagara Falls for the second time. I don’t know why he did not enjoy it, but perhaps, unlike me, he did not find anything new. For me, it’s not all about a huge amount of water falling in an amazing way; I feel the air, scenery of the season, people of the time, and anything around me. I’ve never had enough time to feel everything. But I understand that people have different perspectives.

What do I always feel the same? The photo above is probably one of the typical views of Niagara Falls. It is, of course, fantastically great. No doubt. Having said that, I prefer the view in the photo below. It may not be as awesomely impressive as the one above. I should mention that neither of the photos here are good enough at all to show how tremendously amazing the falls are. One of the reasons is the quality of my photos, which is rather a minor reason. In fact, it’s not all about the view; it’s a combination of the view, sound, mist (like storm), and atmosphere. I love the view below partially because it is the closest view of Horseshoe Falls. Furthermore, from there, I can see the enormous vastness of the upper stream, a thick layer of water sliding over a long sharp edge of rocks, and the transition between the static flow of huge amount of water and the dynamic, beautifully stunning water falls. To make a very long story short, it’s the power of Nature.

Niagara Falls, different perspectives, what I always feel

As different people have different perspectives, everyone has different perspectives at different times depending on what they have, what they value, and what they suffer from. I want to retain this sensibility no matter what happens to me.

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