This is what I am aiming at, but…

As I wrote more than a few months ago, being a rolling stone is tough. I like trying new things, but what I want now is a “normal” life where I need to do one thing. But, against my will, this online article, Steve Jobs, Nate Silver, and Pablo Picasso: Why the Most Creative People are Generalists, encourages me. To make a long story short, according to this article, having many experiences makes you more creative. As I wrote in my LinkedIn profile, I call myself “interdisciplinary person”; I have three degrees, have education and work experience in multiple fields in four countries. I see one thing from different perspectives. However, apparently, this does not help me get a creative job.

Now I have a temporary full-time job which will end soon, and have been looking for a new job. But I have not got any good news yet. I often wonder; was my decision right or wrong? I believed, and sill kind of believe but not really sure, that having many experiences would make me more creative and adaptable. But it only works if it leads me to a creative job which I can live on.

For now, let’s assume it is still too early to make a conclusion, and keep looking for a job, whether it is creative or not.

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