Urban or Rural,

I spent 11 days at my friends’ place in downtown Toronto during the Christmas vacation to take care of their dog while they visited their parents’ place in Calgary.  The photo below was taken from their room.  Now I have spent a little more than a week in Orillia since I came back from Toronto.  I ask myself; which is better to live, urban area or rural area?  As I mentioned in a previous post, Toronto is not a favorite city to live for many people, but I actually enjoyed staying in the core of downtown Toronto.  Many things, almost everything you need in your daily life is available near by.  In Orillia, I use my car almost daily.  When I was in Toronto, I usually walked and used public transportation, and even missed my car because I used it only once in a few days.  And of course, Toronto is generally more lively, exciting and inspiring than Orillia for many reasons.  I found one authentic Japanese food restaurant, and there must be a few more.  So, is urban life more suitable for me?

Downtown Toronto

However, interestingly, a day after I got back to Orillia, I felt like walking in downtown Orillia, which is even smaller than downtown Hamilton or Kensington Street in Calgary, where most buildings only have two stories.  I actually liked it.  Honestly speaking, I did not enjoy living in Hamilton; it is not big enough to be sophisticated and not small enough to have hospitality.  I like the small town’s hospitality in Orillia, which I did not find in Toronto.

So, which do I prefer???  Anyways, let’s see what job I get after April and where I will go.

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