I like people who are nice to foreigners

As I mentioned in a previous post, Japanese people are generally conservative, and some (many?) of them do not like foreigners.  Some of them openly tell that they don’t like foreigners without hesitation.  I don’t like them because I know what it is like to live in a country as a foreigner.  Some others are, of course, nice to visitors from foreign countries, and I like them.

One of my Canadian colleagues went to Japan to take training.  When I met him, he talked about his experiences in Japan, and proudly told me that a Japanese colleague invited him to a family BBQ.  It was good to know that some Japanese treat visitors from Canada very nicely.  Last week, a Japanese engineer came to Orillia to install some equipment and provide training to a Canadian lab technician for a couple of weeks. Yesterday, the Canadian colleague invited me and other Japanese visitors to his place to dinner at his place, and I found that the new Japanese engineer is the one who invited the Canadian colleague to the family BBQ.  Probably he wanted to treat the Japanese gentleman as he did in Japan.  Isn’t it nice?

Today, the Japanese gentleman wanted to visit the Canadian colleague’s place again, and I gave him a ride.  I also brought him to a gift shop ran by First Nations.  He might think I did it because I am a nice person, but it is not (I mean, I am a nice person but it is not the reason that I did nice for him).  I did it because he is nice to foreigners.

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