The last day of the World… No! The last day of the Work this year

The world was supposed to end at 6:12 am Eastern Time this morning.  But fortunately or unfortunately, it did not.  Instead, today was the last day of the work this year.  It’s been a month and half since I started the current contract job.  So far so… good?

As I wrote in some posts before starting this job, I was often discouraged.  I feel better now for some reasons.  One of the reasons is that the job is more interesting than I previously expected.  Now I work in a technical field that I had never imagined I would work in: a mixture of material engineering, structure engineering, electric engineering, and construction.  If I lived as I expected, I wouldn’t have experienced working in these fields.  Talking with engineers is not only annoying (oops!) but also interesting; they have different expertise and different perspectives.

I must admit that I feel less discouraged now because I am too busy to think of the future.  But the fact is still the same; I will need to find another job after April next year. I will have nearly two-week holidays.  Let’s use this opportunity to rethink of the future plan.

Another reason is that I am gaining work experience in Canada which I need to get a desired job.  Doing a temporary “easy” job is not bad.

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