My apartment is very old and many things do not work. Elevators never work normally. Intercom does not work at all. Air condition does not work properly especially when the season changes. Hot water stops once in a few months. Those are all technical issues, but they are not all. The laundry room is supposed to be opened at 9:30 am on weekend, but it rarely happens because someone does not do his or her job (we even don’t know who the someone is). Last weekend, I went to the laundry room around 9:45 am to find it was still locked and more than a few people were waiting. I waited for one minute and decided to go back to my room. About half an hour later, I went there again, but it was still locked and all the people who I saw last time were still waiting there. They wasted at least half an hour, and no one knew how many more minutes they would need to wait.

I was only lucky when I decided to go back to my room. There is no strategy to predict what time the laundry room will be opened. This laundry room case is only a simple example, of course, and everything happening around us is unpredictable (except for the speed of light!?). We often need to let things happen, and when something undesirable happens, we often need to accept it.

This is pretty much like what I learned and wrote on this blog a little more than two years ago. At that time, I found an internet article titled “12 Tools For More Mindful Living” and learned, for example, to become okay with discomfort or to let go of control, but two years seem long enough to forget that. This is what I wrote in an old post titled “Memory” a little more than a year and half ago.

As I wrote in the previous post, life is uncontrollable, and probably I should accept that being unstable is “normal”. It is kind of good to remember the feeling of helplessness to get ready for the next helpless period. Who knows?

Now I am a job hunter again. Who knew it? Nobody. I should recall this feeling again, and accept whatever as it is.

Today I had a chance to go to a cafe where a friend of mine works. This is what I found inside the cafe.

Coffee is happiness in a cup

Actually I found that happiness in my cup of coffee. Even when we do not have a cup of nice coffee, we should be able to find happiness everywhere. We should learn what mindful living is like.

By the way, I wrote about a ladybug in a recent post, and according to an internet article (sorry but turn down the volume on your computer before clicking this link), there was a reason for “ladybug invasion”: warm weather. A more surprising fact for me is that ladybugs are generally disliked in Canada, while they are usually liked in Japan. Hey, Canadians, be happy whether ladybugs are beneficial insects or not!

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