Since I bought a car, I moved three times: within Orillia, from Orillia to Etobicoke, and then within Etobicoke. For the first and second time, I chose a place in the middle of a residential area, and used my car to go to anywhere. It’s typical North American life style, right? And I found that life should not be like that. For this time, I chose a place near a subway station and also close to shops and restaurants. It’s not as convenient as downtown Toronto as I wrote in an old post. I still use my car to go grocery shopping. But now I feel like exploring my neighbourhood more.

Today I walked to buy pizza for dinner (typical North American life style…) I drive the same route every weekday to go to work. But when I walk, it looks different. It’s been a little more than a month since I moved to the current place, and today I found there are a few cherry trees near hear. One of the reasons why I had not found them is that they came to blossom only recently. But the major reason must be that I do not pay attention to them when I drive. I’m sure I should walk more to find more things.

For tomorrow I’m planning to go to downtown Toronto. As I wrote, I chose a place near a subway station, but have not used it yet. The “subway” go on the ground for a few stops. Let’s pay attention to the scenery then.

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