Let things happen. In other words, let go of control.

I accidentally found this internet article, 12 Tools For More Mindful Living. Mindful living?? I like it. According to this article, one of the tools is to let go of control. This idea is similar to what I wrote in a previous post, let things happen. One of other tools is to be curious. They do not sound alike, but the idea is somehow similar to what I wrote in an old post, let’s see how a loser will fail. It’s good to know that I am not alone. Apparently, I was looking for mindful living when I was lost in helpless job hunting.

Now I have income. As I wrote in a previous post, income often hides unwanted reality. I wrote “I was looking for…”, but actually I need mindful life now.

I’m still a temporary employee. Recently I was assigned for some tasks, which means I can assume that I will work for the company for a long term. But nothing is guaranteed. OK, let’s see what will happen. A few days ago, I got a phone call from a recruiting agency to offer a job to me. But it was not a type of job I want, though I have previous job experience in that field. Plus, I was assigned for log-term tasks in the current work place. For those reasons, I politely said “no”. I don’t know if it was a right choice or not. OK, be curious and see what will happen. One thing I’m sure is, whether I become a regular employee and get stable income or not, no matter how I’m satisfied with the job, I will keep looking for mindful living.

How did I “accidentally” find this internet article?? I found the photo, a kitty behind boxes, and was just curious about it. If you know me well, you must know who much I love cats!

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