Things are happening. Let’s see.

As I often write, I cannot predict my future as I wish. So, as I wrote in a previous post, now I let things happen. As a result, things are happening.

Yesterday I had a job interview for a freelance job. This is very unusual. As a freelance translator, I have worked for many clients and translation companies. Most of them are outside of Canada, and I do not expect to see them in person. This is what freelance translation job is typically like. But a translation company in downtown Toronto invited me for an interview for a freelance job after reviewing my trial translation, which means I am qualified. First, I was confused, and then after talking with them, I was impressed. They have a unique style. Though they cannot tell how often they will assign translation or interpretation jobs to me (which is quite understandable), I expect it would be interesting job opportunities. We’ll see.

Today I got a phone call from a recruiting agency. Unlike typical recruiting agencies as I wrote in a previous post or in another old post, they are reliable (the only reliable one so far). They have arranged a job interview for a full-time position. It is not an ideal job, but I need a decent full-time job anyways. I’ll visit a company the day after tomorrow.

Besides those remarkable events, I got some messages about freelance jobs from prospective clients in last couple of days. Things are happening. Whether they are typical freelance job, interesting freelance job, or decent full-time job, what I can do is to do my best and wait. Let’s keep letting things happen. We’ll see.

As I wrote in an old post about a year ago, apparently I am a loser. Let’s see how a loser will fail.

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