Different perspective, another case

Why are many people afraid of ghost? Why do they think a graveyard is a scary place?

Since my early childhood, I have felt supernatural beings at home. When I talk about it, like hearing footsteps from an empty room which happened to be my bedroom, many people are scared. But it was just natural for me. Because I, my mom and brother felt it but my dad didn’t, we assume it is my mom’s ancestor. Now I often see “something” away from home, something that is not a creature of “this” world. It looks like the thing that I saw at home, and when I see it, I feel safe; it is something I am familiar with. I don’t know if it is a supernatural being or a type of “ghost”, but it does not matter. Even if it is a kind of ghost, good people may become ghost after their death, and we don’t have to be scared of every ghost. But I know this is difficult for many people to understand.

Graveyard for me has been a place where relatives get together to meet our ancestors. It is still connected with the memory of my grandma; I used to visit there with her, and now I visit there to meet her. Every grave should be like that for other people, and I have no reason to be scared of other people’s ancestors’ grave.

Now I work night shift and often drive by a graveyard when it is dark. At night, a candle or something (LED?) is lit at many graves, and it looks beautiful to me. But some people say it is scary. Whether it is a candle or a ghost, it does not matter to me. But people have different perspectives.

As I wrote in a previous post about different perspectives, I want to retain the sensibility no matter what happens to me. Many people are instinctively afraid of darkness. But, I guess, many people are scared of ghost and graveyard partially because people in the past have created a scary image of them. Whatever it is, I want to retain non-biased perspective.

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