Fortune cookie

I went to a Chinese restaurant in my neighborhood a few days ago. The fortune cookie said “you will soon receive an unusual proposition”. Unusual proposition?? For one second I thought of something romantic, but it did not happen (so far). Instead, I received an unusual job offer today. As I wrote in a previous post, I got a temporary daytime job unexpectedly. It is a Japanese company in Mississauga. A senior manager often told me that he expects me to work for the company for a long term, but we have not discussed anything officially. Today another manager told me to read a document, sign it and return it to him. It was a job agreement for a full-time position. I even did not have a chance to negotiate. This is an unusual proposition.

It is not only unusual, but… In an old post, when I was going to take a temporary technical interpreter job in Orillia, I wrote “How close is it to my goal?  If the goal is Calgary and I start from Hamilton, I will be in Montreal next month”. Now, taking this job is like going to Halifax. But I still need to take this job for one reason; I need to settle down. If this journey will eventually take me to Calgary, I would do whatever I can now. Whether it is good or bad, fortune is fortune.

Today I had a chance to chat with a Japanese coworker who is somehow in a similar situation. It is good to have someone to share thought. The conversation with her encouraged me.

By the way, I went to the Chinese restaurant today again. Today’s fortune cookie says “happiness surrounds your event this week”. It is now Friday evening, and I’m not planning any event tomorrow. It’s not gonna happen. Oh well.

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