Suddenly, I got a temporary daytime job.

Right after the terrible job interview with a terrible company where I was asked “how old are you?” as I wrote in the previous post, the recruiting agency told me about another job at a Japanese company in Mississauga. A week after, I was hired as a temporary employee for a month. Unlike the terrible one who seemed to have known they would not hire me before meeting me, the current company knew they would hire me before meeting me. Surprisingly, they hired me without a job interview. They, of course, had heard about me from the recruiting agency, and this is only a temporary job. But it was unexpected. When things happen, they could happen like this.

Yes, things are happening. But for this time, perhaps I should not just let things happen but might need to make things happen as I hope. The point will be what I hope. Probably my hope will be different from my wish. I have a few weeks to think of it. Anyway, let’s see how the looser will fail.

By the way, my first impression of the current company is not bad. It is at least better than the previous one in Orillia. This does not mean that there is no problem, but the difference between the current one and the previous one is that people in the current work place seem to recognize that there are problems. Having problems is one problem, and not recognizing it is another, rather more disastrous problem.

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  1. Hiro!

    Reading your blog inspires me to keep pursuing my dream. Keep at it. I know you can do it!

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