After all,

The temporary non-design contract job in Orillia officially ended last week. Now I’m a pure job seeker again. Before starting the job, I wrote “let’s see how a loser will fail” in an old post. After all, how did I fail?

It did not lead me to a new career path anyways. As I wrote in a previous post, I had a job interview, but the company did not choose me. If I got the job, I could have used some of the experiences from the previous job in Orillia, but it did not happen. By the way, after answering “no” to me, the company posted the job again. (It is anonymous, but I can tell because it’s almost identical.) I suppose they have had interviews with some other candidates, but have not found the right one.

So, what did I get from the job besides “work experience in Canada”. Though it did not help me to get a new job (so far), I found my capacity. I worked with Japanese and Canadians in a Japanese company in Canada. Though some Japanese played down my role, many Canadians appreciated my job. A couple of them in important positions told me that I could use them as references, which is more than great to me. This makes me feel that my choice was not wrong; I left Japan and chose Canada as a place to live and work. It’s also good to know somebody is out there to help me.

I also learned from bad examples: biased view, lack of adaptability, lack of respect, lack of leadership, mismanagement, etc. I even thank them for teaching me so much. As I repeatedly said, it did not help me to get a new job. But once I get a new job, I will use what I “learned” from them.

My job hunting will go on anyways, and it seems still too early to conclude how I failed. Let’s sit back and remake a plan.

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