Everything happens for a reason…?

Some people say everything happens for a reason. Some people say there are no coincidences.

Yesterday I wrote about New Year’s resolution, which is, intelligently inspirational writing. Today, at work, a bunch of circulated business whatever was passed to me. In the bunch, I found a magazine published by a mega bank. A feature article for the magazine is about inspirational quotes. Is this a coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

Anyways. This year I want to write something to intelligently and quietly inspire others. It doesn’t have to be like proverbs. This blog can be one. There will be other media. We’ll see.

One of the inspirational quotes in the magazine is very famous in Japan. It says;


A typical translation of the quote is “where there is a will, there is a way”. It literally means, if you try something, it can be achieved. If you don’t try anything, nothing can be achieved. Achieving nothing is due to one’s unwillingness to try something.

I don’t know if I can be a good writer or not, but try something anyway, believing it can be achieved.

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