“I have a dream…”

Probably many of you know this great speech made by Martin Luther King. What we should not say but I’m often about to say is;

“I had a dream…”

In my busy daily life as a salary man (Japanese employee of a company who works like a robot to make money and live on it), I often forget what I’m looking for. But sometimes I’m lucky enough to find something that reminds me of it.

Yesterday I bought a music CD. You might think “are you the last human being who buys physical CD on the planet? Why don’t you download it?” I have  two reasons. Firstly, I simply like it. I’ve met some people who still like paper books while the books are also available on Kindle or the like. I like CDs for the same reason. Secondly, the singer seems not have access to the music download market. When I bought the CD, the singer, or more precisely the pianist singer song writer was singing on the street in front of just a little more than a handful of people. She looked happy to sing in public in that way. What can be better than buying a music CD directly from the singer right after she sang the song?

I don’t know if she makes enough money by singing to live on it, but she looks more lively than typical salary men anyway. I don’t know her dream; I don’t know if singing in front of people like that is her dream, or if it is a way to make a more ambitious dream come true. But I suppose she knows, at least, what her dream is. Meeting someone like her reminds me that people can do what they like.

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