As far as I know, the human is the only creature on the earth that smile. (Some animals often look like thay are smiling but it’s human’s way of interpretation.) On the other hand, the human is the only creature that lies “intentionally”. (Some animals and insects “fake”, but they do it instinctively.) When human’s those unique characteristics are combined, they make fake smile. But unlike artworks or brand goods, you don’t have to be an expert to distinguish between real and fake; natural smile makes you smile, but fake one doesn’t.

Today I had a chance to talk with a nice girl who makes me smile with her smile. I honestly told her that, and she told me that I’m not the first one who told her that. When she worked at a fastfood restaurant, she made her coworkers smile, and they made their customers smile. When her coworker told her that, she was happy. What a nice story! I was happy to hear that. Not many people enjoy working at a fastfood restaurant, right? But it’s not surprising that she liked the job. Honestly, I envied her.

On weekdays when I work, I often forget that I can smile. It sucks.

Now I’m eating and drinking at a Soba place. Some of the workers here (one of them makes cocktail, so probably I can call her bartender thought this is not a bar) make nice smile to make me smile. Now The Beatles “Let it be” is playing. Now, suppose this is a sign, what I should do is to let everything be as it is and smile!? Ha! Autually it’s not bad. Let’s see.

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