Regain… myself!?

So, I have not written anything for about 6 months, half a year. Reason? I’ve been tied up mostly due to the depressing full-time job and a demanding side business, that was, translating an entire company web site. Now, I’ve submitted the translation, and whether the job is depressing or not depends on me, or in other words depends on how I take it. So, it’s time to regain myself. Actually I have not felt I am myself for a while.

Yesterday, the first “effective” weekend after submitting the translation, I went to ROM: Royal Ontario Museum. As I wrote in an old post, I love visiting museums, and ROM is one of my most favourite ones. Whenever I go there, I find or “discover” a different thing or things to be attractive to me. This time, it was a cup used around 1800 BC. Its shape is not significantly different from today’s typical mugs, but it is not hard to imagine that the time people spent on making a cup of hot beverage at that time was remarkably different from today; filling a kettle with water was not a matter of turning on a water tap and boiling it was not about turning on an electric stove. However, people did it in a few millenniums ago in their daily life, I suppose. I don’t know if the owner of the cup did it by him/herself or had a servant do it, but I suppose, at least want to believe, that it was worth spending time on preparing for relaxation in their life style.

Now, how much time do I spend on relaxing in this 21st century when many things can be done quite quickly?

As I mentioned above, whether the current job is depressing or not depends on me, depends on how I react to it. I know it. I logically understand it. But it is quite hard to actually take it in that way. I feel I’m depressed. But life shouldn’t be like that. I should regain myself. Since last week, I clean my room and organize things in my room little by little. As I wrote in the previous post a half year ago, it is not “the right” way to be myself by making a comfortable room, but this is at least a good start.

I know it is odd to talk about my New Year’s resolution in March, but it is to “ignite my intellectual curiosity”. Working for an uncivilized company often makes me forget that I am an intellectual being. When I looked back the year 2014, I found that I did not do many intellectual activities. Let’s make this year a year to redefine myself and regain myself. Going to ROM and see what interests me is one way to rediscover myself. Relaxing in a comfortable room is another way to rethink of my value. Let’s see what I can do from here.

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