Happy Birthday, BoA!

Today I had cake. Why? Because it’s BoA’s birthday today!

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear BoA!

It was a year ago when I wrote about BoA in an old post. I have not met her in person, of course. She is a celebrity. But somehow she has been special for me over a decade. She debuted in Japan when I lived in the Kingdom of Tonga. At that time, we did not have YouTube, (actually I had neither telephone nor internet access at home. It’s a small developing country) and I did not know what was going on in Japan’s music world. When I came back to Japan in December 1999 and saw her on TV, I did not know she was Korean, and did not know “BoA” was her name; I thought she was a vocalist of a band named BoA. In the following year, when I watched her video clip, Jewel Song, I was shocked.

Can a person sing that beautifully?

She is beautiful, and her singing is even more beautiful. As I wrote in the old post, I want to believe that she sings beautifully because she sings from her heart. Anyways, she and her singing have been somehow special for me since then.

In an interview, she thanked fans of her and said “because there is me, there are fans of me. Because there are fans of me, there is me.” She sings for her fans. When I am lost, I often recall her words. What do I do for what, or for whom? As I often write, I am looking for a full-time job and do freelance jobs to survive. I am lost. I may need some time to sit back, listen to BoA’s songs, and rethink what I really need for what.

By the way, before I started writing this blog post, I shuffle played my “BoA palyer” that contains songs from all original albums and other major singles. The first song that the player randomly chose out of 197 songs was Happy Birthday. Like I wrote in a previous post, I dare not to conclude anything, whether it was coincidence or something else. But something may happen on a special day, right?

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